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You Want to Change Your Life

Updated: May 24, 2021

It took many years to create your life.

But now you’d like to change some things.

You didn’t realize that some of your actions would lead you where you are now.

You weren’t really thinking about it.

But now you are.

Now you wish things were different.

You wish you didn’t let yourself get to this point..

You’re drinking more than you want.

And you’re unable to cut back.

When did that happen?

Little by little.

You lost control.

How did that happen?

Little by little.

You increased what you consumed.

Why did that happen?

You were stressed.



Craving it.

Trying to feel less self-conscious.

Fit in.



Little by little.

You lost control.

And now you want it back.

You can get it back.

Regain your control.

Feel better.

Feel good about yourself.

Little by little.

You can do it.

Choose to do the work.

Stick with it.

It’s worth it.

You’re worth it ❤️

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