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How to Get What You Want Now

How do you want to feel?

My whole life, I've always wanted to be strong—strong mentally, strong emotionally, strong physically. The desire for that feeling is what motivates me to do personal development and workout—even when I don't feel like it.

It's important to know how you want to feel because how you want to feel drives everything you do.

The reason we want what we want is because of how we think it will make us feel.

We think getting a luxury car will make us feel happy and cool. We think that getting a promotion at work will make us feel successful and important.

The reason we do what we do is because of how we think it will make us feel.

We think if we run a marathon we'll feel disciplined, fit and proud. We think if we get engaged we'll feel loved, valued and secure..'s not the thing or what we do that makes us feel a certain way. It's how we THINK about about that thing or event.

This is great news because we control what we think.

So, that means you can choose to feel happy, important, disciplined, loved, etc. NOW. You just need to think thoughts that make you feel that way. Sound simple? It is :)

For example, what do you have or do now that makes you happy? Is it being with your spouse, playing with your pet, taking a yoga class, getting a drink with a friend? Think about that. Happy?

Note; I'm not saying you shouldn't strive for those other things. Definitely go for it! But, knowing how you want to feel and knowing that you can control how you feel is empowering, so remember it. And, feel the way you want as you strive for more.

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